With many recent inquires, I should put out an official statement…  We are no longer working on the squeezebox project.  We have a ton invested in both time and parts, but there are several roadblocks that have come up.  The system grew into a fairly high parts count/cost and verifying that every part was correct on every unit became a QC issue that we are not used to dealing with.  In addition the batteries were failing after long times without being used, and the built in charger circuit is not compatible with other battery technologies.  We are working with a couple beta testers to try a new battery / charge system and are hopeful that will yield good results.  I have always said that we would not release it unless I felt that it was exactly the way we think it should be.  We don’t want to have something that either develops a bad reputation or that is a pain for customers and for us in updating to fix ‘issues’.  My hope is that after we get some time on the new charging system that we can revisit it and continue to move forward.

Guest Blog: Now is the Time to Support the Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2

The following is a post written by our friend, fellow aviator, and homebuilder Randy Nyberg. 

In February of this year legislation important to all US pilots, builders and aviation enthusiasts was introduced in Congress. The Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2, sponsored in the House by Sam Graves (R-MO) and in the Senate by Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), would streamline the appeals process and allow pilots flying certain aircraft to use a driver’s license in lieu of the third-class medical certificate.

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How To: Using the Close Quarters Dimple Die Set

While Mike was in Portland visiting us (Bill and Jensie) we asked him to show us how to use the Close Quarter Dimple Die Set. We were dimpling the skin of the horizontal stabilizer, and the punched holes for the nose rib closest to the leading edge, you have to open the skin quite far to get the C-Frame in. To alleviate the spreading/bending of the skin, Cleaveland Aircraft Tool offers a Close Quarters Dimple Die Set that uses a “Pop Rivet” Puller, copper and steel mandrel, and a male and female dimple die. See the video to learn how to use it!