Guest Blog: Now is the Time to Support the Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2

The following is a post written by our friend, fellow aviator, and homebuilder Randy Nyberg. 

In February of this year legislation important to all US pilots, builders and aviation enthusiasts was introduced in Congress. The Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2, sponsored in the House by Sam Graves (R-MO) and in the Senate by Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), would streamline the appeals process and allow pilots flying certain aircraft to use a driver’s license in lieu of the third-class medical certificate.

These bills have broad support — 88 House co-sponsors and 22 co-sponsors in the Senate so far. They also have enthusiastic backing from the AOPA, EAA and private pilots.

Why is it critically important pilots and aircraft builders take action to support this legislation now?

First, many years of experience with Light Sport Aircraft operations demonstrates that the cost of obtaining and administering third-class medical certifications by the FAA does not deliver a safety benefit.  Second, existing FAA/NTSB administrative and appeal processes are expensive, slow and unfair for pilots. Third, these bills offer a real alternative to the FAA/NTSB rule-making that appear to have stalled and are unlikely to go as far in adopting the changes needed.

What can you do?

Although general aviation gets lots of accident and incident media coverage, this legislation has flown under the national media radar so far. Let’s change that. The EAA and AOPA are working hard to get these changes adopted. Please support them. Talk to your friends with an aviation interest and get them to help support these changes too. Write to your Senators and Representatives. Urge them to co-sponsor these bills if they haven’t already done so. Go to the EAA PBOR2 site and send an email to Representatives and Senators showing your support for these changes.

Let’s push for a big PBOR2 announcement at Oshkosh!


Randy NybergRandy Nyberg first soloed in 1980 and has 1200 hours total time. He’s a 3rd generation pilot (father and grandfather were pilots) and has earned an instrument and seaplane rating.

Randy built an RV 9 and is currently working on an RV 8. He owns and flies a Piper PA11 Cub Special based in Boone (BNW).

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