Getting started: What does it really cost?

Just ordered your kit and wondering about tools? Have a few tools lying around, but not sure what it will take to outfit your shop? Tools first, then kit? Whatever your situation, we understand that everyone is a little different. We handle the majority of “Complete Toolkit” purchases over the phone for that exact reason. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting a customer going on their build.

So, what does it cost?

Starting from scratch: $3,000

If the only tools you own are for routine home maintenance, or other small metalworking projects, you likely fall into this category. To outfit your shop with the essentials, you will need to buy compressor hoses, wrenches, tool boxes. There is always the “and more”. In this case, “more” means you are planning on going wild and adding a band saw, belt sander, small lathe…The list could go on.

Adding to my arsenal: $2,000

If you have a compressor and hand tools, you are probably in the market for only the aircraft specialty tools. This is by far where the majority of our customers land. Use this number for a budgeting number if you are just in the planning stages.

I’ve got nothing but elbow grease and time: $1,000

It takes a minimum investment of $1,000 in tools to make a safe aircraft. At this point you are just scraping by with the bare minimum. What we whole-heartedly encourage people to consider is that your time also has value. Even at $10/hr, 100 hours can quickly be sunk in not having the right tool to complete a task.

No matter what your situation may be, we will never pressure you into buying something outside your budget. However, we will always be honest with you about the benefit of using high-quality tools on your project. It not only saves you time, but saves in frustration, and you will have a better looking airplane at the end of it all.

Be sure to check out our Top Ten Considerations for Tool Purchases.

Give us a call to chat about what you need at 515-432-6794, or visit us online at to start shopping now.

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