Another update

Progress has been slow going with regular work going on, but we have made some progress.  Our friend Paul came up with a simpler setup for plumbing the valves making the exhaust cycle faster.  We also were able to identify that on the low pressure side that one of the solenoid valves was not working predictably.  This lead us down two paths, one using a more expensive valve, and the other, adding electronics that switch pressures rapidly. The latter allows the high pressure to open the valve, but dissipating quickly before the ram touches the rivet.  This configuration allows for a slightly quicker cycle time.  Currently this is controlled by a microprocessor for testing, and we are waiting to tweak a bit of code before we settle on timings.  It is hoped that some simple circuitry will do the job in the end, and figuring that out, and it’s cost will be the next step.  Then we can compare the cost, and the benefits to each solution and figure out which to implement.

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