4 Tire Pressure Management Tips

Winter flying prep can vary wildly by your individual region and ground conditions. Take a minute to review these helpful tire inflation tips to ensure you’re ready for taxi, takeoff and landing.

  1. Aircraft tire pressure must be checked when the tires are cool (at ambient temperature) because heat generated during taxis, takeoffs, and landings can result in elevated pressure readings.
  2. Avoid overinflation as it often leads to uneven treadwear and reduced traction, making the tread area more susceptible to cuts and placing greater stress on aircraft wheels and landing gear.
  3. Wait 12 hours before putting new 7″ tires in service after initial inflation. All tires will stretch after the initial inflation, causing a volume increase and thus a drop in pressure.
  4. Always inflate aircraft tires from the low pressure side of the regulated source.

For RV-ators with wheel pants installed, we just upgraded our Valve Stem Inflation tool to make inflating and pressure-monitoring a snap. Check it out!

Tips courtesy of Goodyear.com

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