Status Update

NOTE: The Squeezebox project has permanently canceled. You can read more about the decision here.

We had a request for a status update on the Squeezebox project this morning.  I have been making steady advances over the last month, but have not been diligent about posting them…  The good news is I know how to thread-mill tapered threads in a blind hole now (ugh!).  I will just paste my reply to the email here.

“Hi xxx,

The last mechanical part is done… finally.  We have made a jig for modifying the stock tool boxes and are waiting for a cutting bit to arrive (today).  I have been unhappy with the control system as very occasionally it will lock up and not exhaust properly.  It seems to be a random problem found only when repetitively cycle testing the units, unfortunately just under half of them do it eventually.  We have a customer who is an engineer specializing in ‘controls’ looking at it and he thinks it will need another valve.  I am sending him additional parts today to try.  
Thanks for your interest and patience,

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