Our Customers are the Best!

NOTE: The Squeezebox project has permanently canceled. You can read more about the decision here.

In only a few days I was able to move off of being stuck on the SqueezeBox control board (thanks to Joe Condon in last post) to working on the platform.  Learning more about SolidWorks from Seth (a young man who started helping us model parts while still in high school, now at Iowa State in his first year of Mechanical Engineering) I was able to turn this into a ‘sheet metal part’ with bends and tabs.  Eliminating the need for 6 separate angles with two machining operations on each, plus a separate step for coating, should further reduce the cost and complexity of the SqueezeBox.

I went from model, to flat pattern, to dxf, to real world in a few hours, all thanks to Dan Weyant in TX who commented after seeing our FB/blog post that he could help us out!  As I said our customers are the best.  Thank You!

A couple of days for UPS, build one up to verify the hole locations, then off to the (metal) laser cutter for production.


platform solidworks phot

platform solidworks flat photo

platform dxf photo

platform wood cut photo


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