June Squeezebox Update – In Case You Were “Board”

NOTE: The Squeezebox project has permanently canceled. You can read more about the decision here.

One of the two MAJOR roadblocks I had on the SqueezeBox was the control board.  I have all the components to build 125 boxes, but the layout software used to generate the boards was something that would have taken me three days of uninterrupted time (bwahh haa haa) to fumble through.  Another instance of going from prototype and etching and drilling my own boards, to production and ordering them from a board manufacturer is a larger challenge than I had planned on.  To the rescue comes Joe Condon, RV-9 builder and flyer who is now working on a Onex at the local builders assistance center.  He built up a weather ticker that uses a microcontroller to scroll across current weather in the lobby of W&C Aircraft.  A light bulb went off followed by a certain amount of explanation and begging.  A few days later he emailed me the above photo which is now being manufactured with the expected ship date of mid. June.  Thanks Joe!!  Yet another reason I feel so blessed working with such a talented group of people in the homebuilt community.



particianNext up on my list is to verify the hole and slot locations in the Aluminum deck used to mount all of the plumbing and valves.  For the prototypes we 3 axis milled, then cut filed and fit the ‘partitions’.  For the production units they will be laser cut, and I don’t want a pile of wrong parts (again).  Anyone able to cut one of these for me???  🙂

partician 2

More soon!  – Mike





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