February Builder Hangout

Mike Lauritsen presents a couple of options when fabricating aluminum angle. He covers the use of manual and power tools from the hacksaw to the miter saw, filing, nibbling and grinding. Learn the basics of fabrication from plans, including layout and measurement. A handy overview for those just getting started or considering building an aluminum aircraft.

0:00 Introduction
3:00 Agenda
4:30 Starting fabrication of a rudder part
5:30 Intent – Where to start, what to do first, how to layout
11:00 Use your ruler backwards
13:30 Soft Jaws
14:30 Make your work comfortable
15:45 Rule of thumb for blade tooth pitch (1.5 teeth in material)
17:00 Filing
19:30 File types
23:30 The Power Tools
24:45 Miter Saw
24:17 Bandsaw
25:26 Belt Sander
26:10 3M Deburring Wheel
26:45 Belt Sander Grit Question
27:19 Square Hole in Sheet Aluminum
28:42 Question about Technique for Landing Light
30:00 Nibbling Tool

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