Wayne Johnson – Featured Builder – September 2013

What’s your project: Van’s RV-12
How many hours do you have in so far: Around 510
How many hours left: Just started the fuse kit, probably much less than half way to completion.
Favorite part of building so far: The completion of a sub kit is satisfying. I get to see big assemblies instead if little parts and that gives me a sense of accomplishment.
Biggest challenge so far: Finding a balance between perfect and good enough. My background is in precision machining and everything needs to be nearly perfect. I tend to spend too much time de-burring.
What are you most excited to tackle next: I’m just starting on the fuselage kit and it is much different than the empennage and wing kits. I have enjoyed it all so far but it did tend to get a little repetitive so I could use a change of pace.Advice for new builders: Read and follow the the plans carefully and concentrate on what you are doing. It’s easy to make assumptions about how things should go together and make a mistake, don’t ask me how I know. Measure twice cut once, read twice rivet once.

VansAirForce.net handle: waynej

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