David Kennedy – Featured Builder – August 2013

Dave Kennedy

What’s your project: Van’s RV-7A

How many hours do you have in so far: Around 650
How many hours left: Not sure, going by average 1,200 – 1,400
Favorite part of building so far: It was rewarding to finish the assembly of the wings and see them hanging on the wall, completed.
Biggest challenge so far: Probably building the fuel tanks. The pro-seal is messy and always wondering if I was going to finish a given section before the epoxy set up to fast. Thanks to my friends, Ken and Bill for lending a helping hand with the final assembly of the tanks.
What are you most excited to tackle next: I am working on the fuselage and the next big step will be to assemble the 3 sections of the fuselage, tail cone, mid and forward section to the firewall. Just about ready to rivet everything together with the side skins and looking forward to rolling it all over and seeing it completed to that stage.
VansAirForce.net handle: Kenntek

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