Ed Kranz – Featured Builder – July 2013

We are fortunate to have advocate-builders out there, and one of our biggest is Ed Kranz (of edandcolleen.com fame). Ed is a meticulous builder, and we’ve had the pleasure of helping him out during his RV-10 build. Without further ado, here’s what Ed told us about his project…

Ed Kranz

What’s your project: Van’s RV10
How many hours do you have in so far: Around 900
How many hours left: 1300… maybe. I went the full slow-build path.
Favorite part of building so far: My favorite part is when you start piecing together sub assemblies into something that resembles an aircraft! Oh… and designing my dream panel… I think I’m on version 3 or 4 now!
Biggest challenge so far: Most of the building has been pretty straight forward, and the few parts when the instructions are vague, I’ve been able to rely on the knowledge of other builders. I always read the build logs of a few other builders before I begin a new section, so I’ve been able to avoid most big surprises. The most difficult parts of the build have been building the fuel tanks, and those the one or two “impossible rivets”. Also, since for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to make a timelapse video of the entire build (which can be seen on our website), it can be a challenge to go thru the entire ritual of setting up the camera, editing the video, and uploading to youtube every time I work on the plane!
What are you most excited to tackle next:I’m close to done with the metal work on the plane, and I’m just about to have a baptism in fiberglass… but I’m most excited to begin work on the control systems and electrical.
What’s your Van’sAirForce.com handle: NovaBandit

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