Dan Weyant – Featured Builder – June 2013

We’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, and we’re really excited to announce that we are starting a new feature in the Cleaveland Aircraft Tool newsletter. We’re putting the spotlight on one homebuilder each month. This month’s featured builder is Dan Weyant near KGTU. We asked Dan a few questions, and here’s what he said…

Dan Weyant

What’s your project: RV-9A
How many hours do you have in so far: Just over 300 hours since my wife (Karen) and I started last October.
How many hours left: ??? That is the big question, I try not to think about that too much.
Favorite part of building so far: I’m having fun with most of it.  But my favorite part is probably when you rivet something together after all of the prep work and you wind up with something that looks like an airplane part.
Biggest challenge so far: I’m just finished with the fuel tanks and while I’m not a big fan of pro-seal, it hasn’t been the most challenging.  I think the thing we have struggled the most with was the metal strip that joins the wing leading edge to the fuel tank. Wound up having to order a replacement rib from Vans, and even after that it was quite challenging.
What are you most excited to do next: My fuselage kit gets delivered tomorrow, so I’m anxious to see the big box and do the inventory on it.  I’m almost done with the fuel tanks, so the next big task is to start riveting the skins on to the wings.  Those are big airplane parts :).
Van’sAirForce.com handle: Very un-original dweyant

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