Exciting Morning

After a month of fighting various illnesses on and off again, as well as catching up on the normal tech support and daily tasks, we are finally running again on the hydraulic squeezer project.

This morning was particularly exciting as not only two boxes showed up from Numatx (above), but also the new style miniature air regulators for the intensifier box came (below).

The setup had been tried before, but we wanted to double check everything with the new regulators.  Shown below is the plug and play hack to prove them out.  We are still waiting for one other solenoid valve to replace the one that is in the center of the photo and it will be assembly time.

The assembly below is a spacing mock-up (ignore the cylinder as we used a mock-up we had rather than the Numatx cylinders shown above) that we used to make sure that we could stuff all the equipment needed below a deck in the bottom of the intensifier box.  The view is as if looking through the bottom of the box.  All that is left is to manufacture the already designed circuit board (planning for Wednesday).

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