‘Get in Line’ update

The intent of the blog was to share with those early adopters the progress that they have been so patiently waiting for… I guess with the interest outside this group I should throw out a bit more information.

We are purchasing the intensifiers under agreement from NUMATX.  That agreement has been verbal until the patent issued.  We are now waiting on our lawyer to ‘revise’ the agreement that I drafted.  I am hoping that will be done later today.  Then it will be sent to Mark and I am sure he will go through the same process.

The HUGE learning curve here was 3D machining and the fact that four different operations had to blend together with the part being rotated in separate fixtures.  Operations #1 and #3 had to match down to .0005″ or the tool would not function.  Frankly I can’t believe we didn’t walk away from it.  But finally we persevered.  The remaining items are trivial really, but it all takes some time.

There has been mention of pre-orders to keep a place in line…  Having been in the experimental market for over 20 years now this notion creeps me out.  From engines to aircraft kits, millions have been lost because of this.  I am considering a small ‘earnest money’ deposit though as the apparent market is larger than I had anticipated and the cost of machining these things is huge.  Those notified of the blog by direct email already have a place in line.  I will publish more on the deposit issue in the near future once I have come to a decision.

Thanks for your interest,

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